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Computing Technologies


  1. Bipedal Robots

  2. Robots with Human Intelligence

    1. Sophia the Robot (https://www.hansonrobotics.com/sophia/)

  3. City Transport System

    1. Subway Systems

  4. Dishwasher Robot?

  5. Personalized Advertising

    1. (1:02 in movie, phone advertises phone plan based on relationship to dad)

  6. Crispr

    1. “Make your own baby”


  1. Society of robots​

Comparison to other movies:

  1. Big Hero 6 (2014)

    1. It has the same idea as helpful robots that Rodney Copperbottom shows towards the other robots.​

  2. Wall-E (​2008)

    1. Robots are prevalent in society as helping hands and could be seen as being close to taking over society. There is even a hostile bot that controls the ship that's sole purpose is to not allow for the humans to return to Earth. Earth itself is covered ​in garbage with robots cleaning, who in the movie are mostly rusted and not working.

  3. I, Robot (2004)​

    1. Robots serve humanity and follow the Three Laws of Robotics. ​NS-5 robots, which were to programmed to be able to ignore the Three Laws, plan to takeover society in a way that the robots in Robots may have done. 

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